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Shinto ceremony photo package

Experience a traditional Japanese wedding in Ehime. From  exchanging the nuptial cups of SAKE to other unique Japanese wedding rituals. Enjoy a cultural experience that can only be had in Japan!


・One wedding KIMONO rental for Bride   

・ One wedding Haori hakama rental for Groom

・Dressing  for two couple & Hair-styling and makeup  for bride

     (Japanese wig is optional)

・Shooting fee during the ceremony 

​・Family group photo 203×254mm size with album mounts  for both families 

・Japanese style album 10P  20images incl.

    (A family group photo is not included in this album) 

・Photo data  (A family group photo data is not included in that) 


※ Underwear and white socks are not included .

※Wedding ceremony fee is not included .

※ There is no business trip fee for shooting in  Matsuyama city, Touon city,

      Iyo city and Imabari city. (Excluding some regions)

※Please choose your wedding KIMONO and HAORI HAKAMA from our KIMONO selection. 

​※Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. 

Week day               170,500 yen~ (incl,tax)​

Weekend and holiday  192,500 yen~ (incl,tax)​  



◆椿神社(松山市)◆護国神社(松山市) ◆伊佐爾波神社(松山市) 

◆湯神社(松山市)◆三島神社(伊予市)◆吹揚神社(今治市) その他

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