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"Haori Hakamais a Japanese traditional costume that is commonly regarded as the most formal attire for men at present.
​Why don't you leave your own original photo with high quality Haori hakama!

Haori Hakama studio photo package
18,200 yen (incl. tax) 


・One set of  Haori Hakama  

    ・Dressing  fee    

・203×254mm size with album mounts  for 1 pose

・1 cut of retouched jpeg data (CD)
​※You can bring your own costumes and accessories. Please contact us about it.

​※ This photo package has no application for on the day of the Coming-of-age ceremony.

​※We do outdoor shooting. please ask our staff for details.

※You can rent one set of Haori Hakama for on the day of the Coming-of -age ceremony, please ask our staff for details.

※We can introduce you to Costume rental shops and Beauticians.

六切り1ポーズ 14,520円(税込)~となっております。

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